Residential Window Cleaning

We are a window cleaning business that listen to our clients. You decide what glass cleaning you want, for example

Front only outside

These are normally done where the home owner wants their house to look well from the front. Usually the back of the house is not seen by the same amount of passing traffic.

Front & Back outside

All windows cleaned front back and side of the house.

Inside & Outside

We clean both Inside and outside of your house.. Most clients will get the inside and outside of the house done twice a year. Usually spring/summer and Christmas. The rest of their calendar the outside only will be cleaned.

Extensions, Conservatries and Skylights

We will price per window and inform you the price, before we do the job, so you will not be hit by any nasty surprises.

Extras & how we price.

Paint on Glass.

We have found that there can be a lot of paint splattered on the glass, usually from paint sprayers being used in the vicinity. We will price the removal of the paint, per window. This will suit your budget as you may wish to only have a few windows cleaned of the paint, per visit.

“We can supply you with a valid invoice if you wish for your records”.


Our prices are based on the amount of time we spend per job. This usually is determent on quantity and style of windows.

[nggallery id=3]

The first two windows above, the ladder has to be moved 3 times to do the one window. This takes 3 times longer to do than a plain window. Hence that will show on the price.

Ease of access per window.

If the client has extensions conservatries skylights ect.

If there is paint and how dirty the windows and frames are.

Location. If we can put your job into a journey where there will be no extra travel exspense.

We can price your window cleaning  job two ways. (Free Estimates)

(1)    On Line. Send us an email with photos of your house clearly showing the windows you wish to get cleaned. With full contact details Click Here

(2) We can travel and view the job

Dont forget to look at our schedule page. Click Here

If you need your windows cleaned quickly, gave us a call on 083 4213871 and we will try and fit you in as soon as possible.

We have being known to go to great lengths to clean our clients windows quickly.

Flying to another job.