One of our most popular service’s we have is if a client wants us to clean their windows regularly, for example every 6 weeks.  We put their details into our computer for a date in 6 weeks time. When their windows are due to be cleaned, we receive an automatic reminder  that the date the client wished to have their windows cleaned has arrived.

We text the client informing them their windows are due to be cleaned and to tell them the time and date we will be at their house . Once we are finished the clean the client details automatically goes to the next available date 6 weeks further on, and the process begins again.

The advantages of this system is are.

(1)   Your windows are always regularly cleaned.

(2)   No more dirty windows, sills or frames

(3)   You get priority, if your windows are due to be cleaned and the weather is bad your windows will be cleaned the next available dry day. These will be cleaned before any non regular order we may get.

(4)   If you need your windows cleaned sooner than normal due to certain circumstances for example a wedding, communion, ect once you give us notice we will put your order as priority.

(5)   We guarantee no price increase for at least two years.

(6)   Once our schedule is full we will not be taking on any new clients.