Post Construction Cleaning

We do post construction cleaning also known as first clean or builders clean. 

People can spend hundreds of thousands on their new house and will not budget to have their windows professionally cleaned. The front of your house is the first impression you  and other people will have of your property. If your windows are full of stickers and dirty from construction materials it will not show your new house or extension in the view it deserves. Also do you wish to be looking out through glass that has glue ect on it.

We will take off all cement, stickers, paint, plaster, what ever construction materials are on your glass. Your windows will now look new.

If you are not happy with the cleaning job the builder has done, on your new house, we will be more than happy to have a look at it for you. As professional window cleaners we should be able to improve on the appearance of your windows.

If you only have stickers on your windows, and feel that you will be able to take those off without the help of a professional, please be careful. You could scrape the glass removing the stickers and might always have the outline of the stickers on the windows, from the glue that you have left behind.

We have worked both for the builder and for the end user directly.

If you require a quote, send your photos by email for us to price your post construction job. Click Here