Question. Do you only clean windows?

Answer.  We also clean gutters and facial soffit.

Question. Can you clean windows in the rain?

Answer. We are also still able to clean on rainy days as long as it is not a blowing/driving rain. A light rain will not affect us- or your windows. Remember, it is not the rain that spots the windows, but the dust and debris that is ALREADY on the window, when it rains.

Question. Can you clean the inside of my windows or just exterior?

Answer. We can clean both. We sometimes are asked to do the exterior and only one or two interior windows or doors. Whatever you, the client wants.

Question. Do we have to be in the house if we have you booked to do the interior?

Answer. No, we can still do our work if you are there or not.

Question. How do we know we can trust you if we are not at home when you are doing the interior?

Answer. These times that is a very valid question. We can give you references of clients that we have worked with for years. Also if you wish you can do a Garda Check.

Question. What payment methods do you use?

Answer.   Cash or cheque, only with a current bank guarantee card.

Question. Can we get a regular cleaning service for our windows.

Answer. Yes we will put you into our diary (if we have free space) for your required visit. We will text you a couple of days in advance to tell you the time and date we are going to clean your windows. Read More

Question. Can we get an invoice and recite for the work you have done.

Answer. Yes we are fully registered with revenue. All commercial work gets an invoice and residential if they request one.

Question. Do you guarantee your work.

Answer. Yes if you contact us within 2 days telling us the window you are not happy with we will re clean that window free of charge.

Question. I will not be at home when you are cleaning my windows, will I have to leave the payment out for you.

Answer. We can come to an arrangement that we will collect payment later the same day when the job is finished and you have returned home.